Day 134 (231 left) Law Of Attraction

Life is to enjoy, to discover nice things, to taste delicious flavors, to see beautiful scenes, hear nice sounds, smell nice things and to feel fantastic.

Contrast: unpleasant feeling because allergy to pollen. I created more expansion in creating nicer atmosphere.

Contrast: I burned my hand two times while cooking, first with hot baking tray, second with steam. ‘Easy, let it go.’


  1. I prepared delicious breakfast (eggs with spinach, garlic and cheese, everything organic)
  2. Synchronicity: 333, 777, 444, 1414, 333, 2121, YES
  3. I’ve seen luxury car 3 times
  4. I’ve seen a cow with spots and a hump
  5. Wonderful view from a nice walk through hills, we could see South, North and West side of the Country
  6. Experimenting with lunch, for the first we prepared poached egg to put on the loaf and it was successful 🙂 prepared also baked potato, salad and for desert raw cake, everything organic and delicious! Not to forget nettle soup – very healthy!
  7. Nice and short singing practice


  • Our Planet is so beautiful! I enjoy each step I make.

Play list:

Today is day 94 of storytelling (I did not write the story yesterday).

I wish you manifestation of nice and easy life!



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