Day 135 (230 left) Law Of Attraction

It’s nice to take time to be in the nature. I went to the park after job for at least two hours and it was so nice, there were so many nice smelling flowers, squirrels, mice, birds.

Contrast: resistance at work. My positive affirmation is: ‘This is just a temporary state, I know it will be over soon’.


  1. Yesterday – delicious bruschette
  2. Synchronicity: 2121 (yesterday, 2323, 999, 555, 111, 1111, 1133, 1144, 999, 999, 0101, 3300, 999, 222, 555, 000, 999, 555, AA00
  3. I’ve seen luxury car 5 times
  4. I’ve seen my favourite brand of car 4 times
  5. Mice
  6. I had lunch on a bench alongside forest road
  7. 3 squirrels
  8. White pigeon
  9. Fragrant roses
  10. Heron flying low
  11. Nice lunch-dinner at the restaurant with partner, after it we both felt sick (it’s important how food is prepared, that there are no trans fats used, old oil …)
  12. Singing lessons

Play list:

Today is day 94 of storytelling (it’s again 94th day since I again forgot to wrote it).

Good night, live your dream, it’s the only way that life is worth a living. Be who you are and do not settle for less since you are magnificent being!


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