Day 136 (229 left) Law Of Attraction

Yesterday I fell asleep during meditation with light on. Funny! Partner woke up after some time and turned it off.

I’m feeling quite tired after very active walk on the hill. Unfortunately the storm was approaching and we had to run down the hill not to get caught by the storm. It was fun and exciting. It remembered me to running down the hill and on tree roots when I was little.

Contrasts: there were two major and I survived. ‘All is well, everything is just temporary state.’


  1. Synchronicity: 1616, 1144, 111, 1111, 444, 444, 999, 111, 1441, 333, 5555, 6666, 222, 000, 000, 444, 1616, 222
  2. I’ve seen 6 cars of my favourite brand
  3. I’ve seen 4 luxury cars
  4. Time at job was nicer than the day before
  5. Nice talk and drink with a friend and her friend at the gallery bar
  6. Walk across the hill close to the city with my girlfriend               
  7. Early time to go to bed

Play list:

Today is day 94 of storytelling (this time for real!)

Enjoy each second if you can and release all tensions.

Manifest nice, enjoyable, relaxed and happy life!


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