Day 137 (228 left) Law Of Attraction

It’s funny, I’ve been forgetting to write story for several days. I’ll do it today.

I experienced mayor contrast at my job, one was regarding verbal abuse, the other one regarding work that does not concern our company. Well, ‘I can say what I mean, all is well, I know it is just a permanent state and I know great future awaits me.’

Some nice manifestations:

  1. Synchronicity: 555, 888, 777, 1010, 1122, 333 NO (thinking about the situation at work and I knew it will soon be over), CV, CV, 888, 6006, 777, 555, 555, 1616, 222, 444, 4422
  2. I prepared delicious risotto with pea and carrot. Yummy and girlfriend liked it
  3. I’ve seen 5 luxury cars, twice with car plate 555!
  4. I’ve seen 4 cars of my favourite brand
  5. I had a nice walk and lunch on the bench alongside forest road
  6. I’ve seen three cute squirrels
  7. We baked delicious organic buckwheat bread with walnuts
  8. Organic growth of Blog, thank you!

Play list:

Today is day 94 of storytelling (this time for real!)


  • Being in peace with where I am produces more positive feelings.

Manifest Big!


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