Day 138 (227 left) Law Of Attraction

I am proud of my courage, I have said what I wanted to my boss. That is, I like her as a person, she is nice, successful and proficient, but I do not like type of communication she has with me (it’s the type of verbal abuse). She was very understanding and took my critic as constructive criticism. Well, I have to admit I had self-talk about this the day before and I have decided to tell her, if not now, when? And I did!

Contrast: I was experiencing fear and tension thinking about saying what I wrote above to my boss. My positive affirmation was: ‘I deserve correct communication and nice relationships.’

Contrast: about parking. Hm, I forgot what it was about πŸ™‚

Some nice manifestations:

  1. Driving by car and parking in front of my job
  2. Synchronicity: 1616, 1111, 111, 777, 111, 888, 222, YES,
  3. I’ve seen at least one luxury car
  4. I’ve seen 5 cars of my favourite brand
  5. Nice walk through the forest (good for vascular system)
  6. Lunch in the park
  7. Cute mouse
  8. Cute squirrel
  9. Cute tit
  10. I had the opportunity to have a look at top business laptop editions, I need new laptop since the old one’s graphic card works poorly
  11. I cooked delicious lunch (organic baked potato with thyme and organic butter, organic salad with organic pumpkin seed oil and chives – cut by my girlfriend, and baked organic halloumi cheese). It was yummy!
  12. Thank you for Organic Growth Of Blog!
  13. I wrote Blog earlier to have evening off

Play list:


  • I love living my life to the fullest.

  • If I am honest with myself everything turns out well.

  • When I’m tired and meditate I fall asleep.

I did write the story yesterday, another congrats! Today is day 95 of storytelling.

Create nice and beautiful live for yourself, it’s never too late to be honest with yourself. The power in your hands is Now!


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