Day 140 (225 left) Law Of Attraction

It was a day of great feat! 1580 meters of climbing is behind us (up and down), we feel great but exhausted. If I knew how hard would it be I would not go but, but I didn’t. It was very nice and beautiful, birds, nice trees, creek, nice smells, waterfall, fantastic views and fields of daffodils. One tick on the list of to see/do things. What’s on your list and how many beautiful things have you realised?

Hm, just had another feat, cut whole organic wheel of cheese on half with poor knife. But it was worth it 🙂

Contrasts of the day: safety of driving and climbing steep slopes. Funny, how the Universe wants to make me happy. While feeling resentment the song Lion king – In the jungle the mighty jungle played on the radio. I felt better 🙂

Manifestations of the day:

  1. Synchronicity: 333, 3366, 666, 999, 333, 1111, 6006, 999, 9966, 111, 777, 3131, 9898
  2. 2 cars of favourite brand
  3. 2 luxury cars
  4. Beautiful trip – walk and views from the mountain
  5. Delicious cheese 😉

Manifest nice life. Affirmation: ‘All is well, I am safe and beautiful things are happening to me all the time.’


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