Day 142 (223 left) Law Of Attraction

Aiming for success and getting refusal before even starting. Encouraging? My positive affirmation: ‘All is well, I am successful, positive, I trust the Universe will bring me only good. I know things always work out great for me, the Universe knows what I want and will deliver it in perfect time proximity. I let go all expectations. I am eager for more nice things come into my life, I am ready.’

Contrast (expansion): no key for the toilet. My affirmation: ‘I always can go to the toilet whenever I need.’

Some today’s manifestations:

  1. Synchronicity: 2233, 222, 555, 888, 1414, 2244
  2. I’ve seen 2 luxury cars
  3. Drink with friend who will help me up with the business. Thank you!
  4. I made organic pizza from stratch, girlfriend helped me to stretch the dough and cut cheesee pieces it was delicious!!!
  5. Nice smell, air, trees and walk on the grass
  6. I’ve met a girlfriend of a friend with her dogs in the park
  7. Thank you for Organic Growth of the Blog!

Play list:


  • Ups and downs, it’s all a state of mind. What do I think and feel of failure. I believe the Universe will bring me perfect experience, nice and abundant life. What do you think?

Good night, I wish you great manifestations!


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