Day 143 (222 left) Law Of Attraction

I was told one information which triggered potential contrast, but I am still not sure whether it’s true or not. I believe I will figure it out soon. Otherwise today’s day was nice, I had a chance to learn from my colleague for bio-resonance and I am eager to start working. So, I know the Universe will help me and I know all is well.


  1. Synchronicity: 1414, 777, 888, 111, 111, 2121
  2. Tasty organic cake but unfortunately I had allergic reaction
  3. I’ve seen one favourite car of my favourite brand
  4. I received several compliments regarding my bio-resonance consulting and I can’t wait to start
  5. Nice walk in the city centre with partner
  6. Nice dinner on the balcony – birds singing
  7. It’s so nice, so warm
  8. Organic growth of Blog – Thank you!

Manifest nice life!

Good night!


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