Day 144 (221 left) Law Of Attraction

Sleep. That was today’s contrast. I slept only 4.5 hours and luckily I was quite ok. I am so happy, today we had education on how to use bio-resonance device and I have already received laptop offers. I’ll order it tomorrow or on Monday at latest. Then … the Universe, you know, there’s also a part on your side. I am eager to start working.

We are going to the sea side tomorrow, that’s another cool things. We’ll swim in sea in June for the first time. Weeeee!

And there was another contrast (and huge expansion in terms of the Law of attraction): one of candidates who drove us to the education place was talking all the time, mostly about the things that were wrong, wrong and more wrong. Ufff, it was tiring and I’m happy it’s over. My affirmation: ‘I am surrounded with nice and positive people every day.’

Some nice manifestations:

  1. Synchronicity: 111, 555, 000, 999, 222, 2244, 333, 333, 222, 1616, 1717, 1818, 222, 555, 999, 555, 444, 2112, 111, 2255
  2. Learning how to use bio-resonance device
  3. Many compliments on my interest in bio-resonance knowledge and will to work
  4. I’ve seen my favourite brand of car 3 times
  5. I’ve seen 4 luxury cars
  6. Nice singing lesson
  7. Cute ducks
  8. Nice river
  9. Time to chill out on the bench along the river
  10. Organic growth of the Blog – Thank you!

 Play list:


  • Keep doing what you’re doing if what you’re doing makes you happy, eager and in the flow.

  • I am grateful I can use the car – Thank you! 

Manifest BIG and NICE!

Good night!


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