Day 145 (220 left) Law Of Attraction

One big contrast; hm, I deleted all notes for today’s blog by mistake. – Holidays! I knew all is well and I felt I do not really care. Why bother if I do not need to. Now we are in apartment close to the sea side and after long day (work, long drive and ques, many contrast – mainly many words) finally on the bed. I had a chance to swim in nice sea and saw the most beautiful sunset, really gorgeous. About bed – it reminds me of Madeira’s mattress because it’s again made of foam and it bends underneath me. I really, really hope I’ll have no pain in the morning.

We also bought cool deck chairs for the beach and I know I will have a chance to chill out, I can’t hardly wait.

It’s interesting feeling knowing I am a trustworthy person.

Concerning manifestations: there were many nice numbers (synchronicity), many favourite brand of cars, many luxury cars, and nice view on the sea side. I received congrats because I’ve passed the exam for bio-resonance by girlfriend’s parents. The cat is again ‘on holidays’ by her parents and I hope she’ll be fine.

Some nice affirmation that will help for easier life:

I love my life and life loves me. I am proud of who I am, I deserve only the best. I am abundant, healthy and in the Vortex (in alignment with what I want). Everything in my life works well, I am well. I know only good comes my way. Only good comes out of every situation. I know I am here to live magnificent life. I know I am here to live abundant life. I have many great friends who are connected with themselves, who are eager for life and love what they do. I am successful and there is nothing I cannot be, have or do. There is no limit, I am limitless, and all Universe is my home. I have quality relationships and I feel fulfilled. I am fulfilled. Everything is so easy, relationship is easy, work is so easy, life is so easy and comfortable. I have comfortable relationships. I am positive person, surrounded with positive people. I just know all is well. I sell well, I eat well, I am well, I look well, I sleep well, well, well, well… Love Life!

Thank you for Organic growth of the Blog!

Manifest your nice life now, your mind and thoughts are in your hands. Only you have the power to make the change. You are the change and you have the chance!

Good night and sleep well.


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