Day 146 (219 left) Law Of Attraction

Funny thing happened; my phone was striking with me typing notes for Blog. Usually I write everything I see in my cell phone under notes, now my phone doesn’t want to do that anymore. So, all just from my head…

It was a day of testing deck chairs, lying in a natural shade surrounded with beautiful smell of trees, with flowers and butterflies looking over crystal water bay. So nice, doing nothing except swimming, resting, eating, sleeping and reading notes for bio-resonance.

Yes, about sleep and the foam mattress, I am happy I remembered what to do not to have pain, so I’ve put some flat pillows underneath the sheets, and I woke up without pain but with some waking several times. My partner slept without this ‘magic’ pillows and she felt the pain in the back in the morning.

It’s a very nice place here, the nature is gorgeous. I’m here for the first time and we saw some cool bar, it’s called Safari Bar.

All food is almost ready for tomorrow, we cooked and prepared fruits etc. to stay whole day at the beach and in the evening returning back home and we need to take the cat along the way.

As you can read there were already some cool manifestations, there are more, as synchronicity numbers, luxury cars, car of my favourite brand, nice sea, beautiful fish in the sea, cool rocks, great rest on deck chairs and I could go on.

I wish you nice manifestations and great sleep.



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