Day 148 (217 left) Law Of Attraction

Ups and downs the ladder of emotions. Closer to the Vortex, further of the Vortex…sometimes in a hole and sometimes in the Vortex. That is the variety of today’s day. I wish I were always in the Vortex but sometimes it just blows me away.

I observe many things, as for instance people, how they behave, business, how they do business, I am also focused on ethic side of the business, I see all the contrast and yes, I get carried away. I know that’s not exactly the greatest practice of the Law of Attraction but is just the part of it. The biggest contribution I can make is by letting go, not interweave and stay on the edge of positive emotions, perspective from higher stance. Birds see more than snails, and I contribute more to the Universe when I stay up, not down. When I am up I am in the Vortex and all things I deserve, wish and want come to me easily, but when I am down I face the never ending battle. I know I am doing sometimes better staying up, and sometimes worse being down. I am just doing my best. I’ll get good at this eventually, sometime.

Here there is, some affirmations to get back in alignment. Everything is ok, if it’s not yet it soon will be. Keep walking, keep dreaming, keep believing, and keep the faith.

Today there were some nice cars of my favourite brand, birds singing, luxury cars, nice synchronicity numbers and some contrasts (mainly connected with the feeling of anger).

I am thinking if I am freer when I do not write exact signs from the Universe each day. I guess I am. I just know there were and I am grateful for them.

I wish you nice manifestations!


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