Day 149 (216 left) Law Of Attraction

I feel energies collaborating. They are very strong and are pulling me towards my desired goal. I am very close to ordering a new laptop, just the matter of the price at the moment. I found out I have already two booked terms for bio-resonance testing. One is fully booked and I’ll start doing business at the end of this month for real. But for practicing I’ll start already next week and invite friends and acquaintances.

Today was a creative day, we’ve cut all pads for chairs (for protection against cat hair) and for shoes in shoe closet which was lying there almost a year. I’m saying the energy is moving very fast. Yaaaay!!!!

Another thing we did was a walk in heavy rain, it was great, what a nice smell and wet trainers up to knees. So nice bird singing too.

More nice manifestations occurred; nice luxury cars, cars of my favourite brand, alone in the office (great!), my new co-worker for bio-resonance said a good word at my future working place, I appreciate that. I also managed to drive the car to the service to re-fill the air condition that was almost empty.

I wish you too NICE and BIG manifestations. Step by step and we come a long way. Remember, it’s the moving part that makes the difference!

Good night and thank you for Organic Growth of the Blog!


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