Day 150 (215 left) Law Of Attraction

Knowing things are really manifesting makes me think a lot. In my current job I had a wish to get new language editor and he called us on his own. Powerful! I am wondering what else will instantly manifest. For instance, I was having trouble for getting the right place for bio-resonance testing, today I’ve got a suitable place without any complications with parking in front of the building.

One of things that made a huge impact on me and was a huge contrast was going to ‘hair dresser for cats’. Honestly, it was horrible! The cat was all aggressive, I had to raise my voice … not nice, but at the end the cat’s knots were removed, finally!

I have to thank to all Blog readers! I am grateful.

Since I feel I am energized I feel the will to do things, to create, to be in action and get moving. Somehow I am doing things almost all day, except I took 15 minutes for meditation (Abraham Hicks: Financial Well Being Meditation ), which was great. I find energies that are contradicting a bit tiring at the moment, since I feel the fountain of energy is pouring out of me. But I know all is well and it’s just a state I am in. Nothing comes from nothing and some good action will just do me good.

Soon of to bed, but first let me list some nice manifestations: again my favourite brand of cars, nice luxury cars, I found a place to do bio-resonance to practice, I had a nice time meditating and I’m sure there are more. Yes, I have a great boss!

I wish you a nice sleep and A LOT OF GREAT MANIFESTATIONS Universe!


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