Day 151 (214 left) Law Of Attraction

I was feeling like something stopped and I am in a loop. Waiting. Eventually I am waiting for order of supplement products to be delivered, for laptop to be paid, to set the date to start with bio-resonance testing, to get e-mail from my professor regarding my master’s thesis…Well, yes, ok, I am waiting. Some affirmations that will ease the situation: ‘It’s ok if I am waiting, the Universe and all cooperative components need some time to gather everything together, everything is evolving in perfect time proximity. I know all is well. I trust the Universe will bring me only good and great things. I am safe and all is well.

One ‘funny’ thing has happened, I by mistake threw away (deleted) boss’s invitation to event and she was looking for it the day before the event. Luckily she found it in a trash folder. I by mistake thought it was an advertisement. Well, things like that can happen and everything is ok!

I have experienced one huge contrast. My singing teacher wanted me to sing all songs by hard. Well, it was hard! I felt resistance all over my body. Of course I did not like it, since it was easier for me to sometimes help myself with the text since I find singing lessons for relaxation and not for stress! I released all tension by telling him that. Contrast – more expansion towards my desired goal. All is well.

When I came home from work I meditated on the topic of physical wellbeing and it was so nice, feeling the body relaxing. Try it, it’s very easy Abraham Hicks Physical Well Being Meditation

Some nice manifestations: alone in the office, nice luxury cars, powerful synchronicity numbers (555, 555, 777, 999…), cars of my favourite brand (hmm, well, I am slowly thinking to change my favourite brand, I’ll see what will happen), peaceful time for meditation, nice birds singing, beautiful moon, delicious bruschetta and much more. One of ‘will happen’ manifestations is, girlfriend is planning to buy a grill and we will organise picnics 🙂.

Another contrast, I forgot I’ve put bruschetta in the oven, usually I set alarm clock. Luckily the oven stopped earlier and they were not burned. Yummy for tomorrow’s breakfast (all organic).

Thank you for organic growth of the Blog!

Enjoy life, say what you mean, and mean what you say. Say it from the heart and listen to your body, it has much to say to you. Threat it well, nurture it, it’s yours and you’ll live in it for the rest of your life! Manifest great things!


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