Day 152 (213 left) Law Of Attraction

Time passes quick, well, today it did. I was organising first bio-resonance meetings for Thursday, I bet it will be interesting. We bought a grill and will be delivered next week, supplement products were sent, professor has answered me and the energy was fluid. I see many contrast and I know it is a crucial part of our evolution. Asking means receiving on the other side. More asking – more receiving, but in between there is a gap, a gap of allowing. I did allow and things started to evolve quickly. On Monday my new laptop will be paid and I will receive it on Wednesday or Thursday, great! I can’t wait 🙂

I am very close to going to bed. Tomorrow another manifestation, I’m going to the sea side with a friend and I’m driving 4 people along. Exchange of service for money in ‘capitalistic’ words. The power of the Universe is so magnificent, I wanted to have a full car and I will. I bet it will be nice and easy since a deck chair is going with me 🙂 and bio-resonance notes.

Today is a Full Moon and I’ve put Crystals outside for cleansing.

Good night and manifest nice things, I know I am more and more! 


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