Day 153 (212 left) Law Of Attraction

A car full of passengers going to the sea side, that was todays picture. I drew a friend and unknown passengers to the sea side and earned for spent petrol, actually even more. Since the night was very short I was sleepy and had a chance to sleep on deck chair beneath the Pinus tree very close to the sea. The sea was worm, but cannot be compared with the last weekend sea side which was so much nicer. I also had a chance to book meetings for Thursday testing for bio-resonance. Thursday is almost booked, just one place left. Are you interested 😉

I had a wish, which was to list all Countries I’ve already been and came to number 29, (6 different continents). That’s quite a lot and I know I still have a list of to do Countries. To sum up, I went to dig into the past and then another interesting thing happened connected with digging in the past. While lying on my deck chair I heard a woman speaking about meditation, sun gazing, Chinese knowing about hours when our organs are most active,… it was everything I already knew, practiced and experienced. It’s so funny hearing summary of my past work.

I received a compliment about being a very good and safe driver. I know I am and I’m happy to hear it.

I am eager to expand more, to embrace more and to be more. I know the Universe is abundant and extremely beautiful. I am prepared for all the beauty and abundance. We are all so powerful beings, with power in our minds, let this pure love, light, knowing, Vortex come out.

It’s such a proof saying ‘let go of what you wish’ because it really comes! Just let go and trust the Universe. As I already wrote once, also Jesus said, lucky those who believe and have not seen…sounds familiar to The Law of Attraction. Yes! It’s very simple, as life is very simple. Be simple, be life.

I was observing from a broader point of a view doing calls for meeting. It’s so interesting how I steeped for a few seconds into person’s life, while they were explaining their situation. So many people, so many stories, so many entries and exits. It’s like picking the story you like and walking away from the story you do not like. It’s about choosing because we all have the freedom of choice (in our hands!).

Thank you for Organic growth of the Blog!

Manifest Great and Big things!


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