Day 154 (211 left) Law Of Attraction

Letting go, letting go, more letting go and even more letting go. The more I let go the easiest it gets. I sometimes feel like I need a break from relationship, I feel that I am overwhelmed with all the energies and I need isolation. Do you ever feel like that? I know it’s nothing wrong with that, the only wrong thing would be not to listen to body signals, so if the body needs quiet time and peace give it. It’s about balancing the current of the energy and stay on the top of the hill most of the time. I know it’s not always possible but it is doable. If it’s not doable don’t worry, we all have ups and downs. I am getting better in staying on the hill, with other words in the Vortex, but also experiencing ‘falling’ in the hole and sometimes staying there for a while until I find out how to get out. Sounds familiar?

Well, that’s life.

Today I experienced high peak of contrast in relationship and I just let all go. It’s nice when I can let go because I feel relief. Thank you for honesty.

We had a walk to picnic place, so when we’ll receive the grill we’ll organise a picnic there. I believe it will be the next weekend.

Some nice manifestations: beautiful river with lagoons, smell of forest, birds singing, sun, warm, delicious homemade organic lunch (fish, risotto and salad), nice hugs, luxury cars, storks, cars of my favourite brand.

Funny, we wanted to bake the bread but the only ingredient we had, was a buckwheat flour. So, no bread then.

On to do list Abraham Hicks- General Wellbeing Meditation before bed.

Manifest nice life, you deserve it!


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