Day 155 (210 left) Law Of Attraction

Funny thing happened: my parcel of food supplements was lost and they could not track it. Tomorrow I’ll receive a new parcel direct by my new co-worker – mother of boss. And tomorrow is my first day of learning bio-resonance testing. Wish me luck 😉

Contrast of the day was preparing Montignac chocolate cake (the part with chocolate getting to warm and later to hard than it should be). Too much fuss for nothing. At the end the pastry for the cake turned out great and is waiting for tomorrow to be spread with homemade plum jam. Yummy, Sacher cake on the horizon. That will be a dessert after first bio-resonance testing. I can’t wait.

Business moving forward, we have paid for the laptop.

About booked terms, it’s funny how live this schedule is. It’s changing very fast, at times I feel energies of people and I am eager to see tomorrow’s new term list. I bet it will be completely or at least partially different as it is now.

Being so sensitive to energies I felt today discord between doing bio-resonance testing, I know now why. It was due to so many changes of terms that happened and are still in the air.

I was meditating on Abraham Hicks: Financial Well Being Meditation when I came home from work but was so sleepy and I felt half a sleep. I know I felt too much tension in my body in the morning and it was too tiring. Now I’m really off to bed.

Nice meditations of the day: I could reach the boss, I saw luxury cars, I’ve seen my favourite brand of the car, I had nice peaceful time on the balcony, we prepared delicious organic pizza, we made delicious (half) Sacher cake, birds singing, lying on the bed relaxing, beautiful sky, nice sun, warm outside.

Manifest great and nice things! Good night!


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