Day 159 (206 left) Law Of Attraction

Becoming bored of Life or just too many things in my Head. I had a chance to stop for a while and think what is actually happening within me. I find myself in gaps of nothing. I know it’s just temporary but makes me think. Manifestations are evolving and I am getting one step at the time but I feel like the step is sometimes so long and sometimes very short. For instance, I wanted to do my own business and now I am very close to it (bio-resonance) and old acquaintances are coming back into my life. They’ve been there but the soil was not yet ready. It’s funny, on Tuesday 27th I’ll start working in a shop the lady owns whom I’ve met at the Abraham Hicks cruise several years ago. Here, the paths come together and cross sometimes in our lives, I find this very interesting.

Thank you for Organic growth of the Blog – it’s great to type on my new laptop 🙂

I am happy since I’ve borrowed other laptop from my coworker which has a bio-resonance device and I’ll do the test of me before I go to bed. I am interested in what will show since I (we) are on a cleansing month with natural supplements.

I wish you nice manifestations!


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