Day 160 (205 left) Law Of Attraction

Being late, but here I am. It was the day of Pride – Gay parade and mayor contrast. Feelings at the parade were: nice, peaceful, happy, relaxing and proud. I felt like I was doing something useful, walking with many same minded people supporting our group – minority. The van was driving in front of us and nice music from 80’s was playing. Song from Cher – Believe  etc. Great, sun was shining, wind blowing, …

I’ve seen an ex-friend (she manifested a suitable dog for her) and ex-wife, and I am glad I’m writing both words starting with ex!

I also had opportunity to see my friend who recently came back from Asia, she looks very nice, relaxed and full of positive energy. I also met old acquaintances who are all lesbians and I had a nice talk, mainly because we function similarly.

As you could read I wrote I experienced contrast (in relationship) and I was challenged in thinking by a woman I’ve met two years ago, knowing me as an Angel. I feel relief talking to people on the same wave line. My affirmations: ‘I invite all beings of light to enter my life. I am free of all chains and light as a feather. All good comes into my life. I am healthy, abundant, full of energy. I love my life and me!’

Today, after five years I again did Tibetan exercises. I started with 3 replays.

Thank you for organic growth of the Blog.

Good night and may live the freedom of expressing the right to LOVE!!!


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