Day 161 (204 left) Law Of Attraction

Peace and harmony in the Nature, that was today’s experience.

We took deck chairs, food, drink, notes and laptop and went to chill on the riverside. Picnic time! It was so nice, fresh water, warm sun, birds singing until other people came. Well, then we experienced the contrast. For next time we already made other plant, that is, to reserve the whole area beside the river, peace and quiet. Ordered! Thank you Universe 😉

Hm, it’s so nice to write the Blog from my new laptop, it’s very pretty and powerful.

I’ve seen/experienced many manifestations as synchronicity numbers, luxury cars, beautiful nature, good feeling in relationship, delicious food and early time to go to bed.

One of cool things was practicing bio-resonance testing on my own. Funny, I had the machine from Friday and I have measured myself and my girlfriend every day. Well, that’s the beginner’s enthusiasm.

About natural food supplements (related to bio-resonance), they are really doing great job, my digestion is getting better every day.

I wish you great manifestations and lots of enthusiasm!


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