Day 162 (203 left) Law Of Attraction

Day of cooking. I really enjoy cooking, specially because I know I’ll eat very tasty, delicious food afterwards. And today was certainly the day of that. As you know we ordered a grill – Weber Grill, which is one of best grills.

I was fascinated reading the story of George Stephen – Weber grill founder, defining success in terms of ‘The way you deal with failure determines your success in life’. in other words, what do you do after you face failure? If you don’t do anything, then you can never become successful. If you give up, you’ve given up to failure. Success in trying and experimenting. Remember, Tesla tried thousand times before the bulb started lighting. What would the World look like today if he weren’t so persistent and not giving up, not giving up to failure. Believing something Will work is half of the success if not the whole success. Therefore start believing, follow your dreams, imagine and all Doors and Windows Will open, it’s just the matter of time (what do you attract?)That is the energy in motion. Sometimes it’s easier to say ‘I can’t do that, I don’t know how to do that, it’s too complicated, it takes too much time …’ many bad excuses, but where there is Will there is Power!

So back to our new Grill, it did a great job! Food was delicious! Yummy! We had nice Organic fish, zucchini and salad.

Some other nice manifestations: luxury cars, synchronicity numbers, alone in the Office, creative power, bio-resonance business is evolving, nice energy during the day (feeling my partner)!

Use this power and ride the wave of success!! Try, try, try,…and BELIEVE!!!

Thank you all Blog readers! Thank you for Organic growth!

Good night and Manifest Success!


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