Day 164 (201 left) Law Of Attraction

I was looking Death into the Eyes today!

I was driving and had green light when dark blue van drove with full speed over red light. Because I was driving Quite fast (but still in speed limits) I was able to avoid it, but it was scary and afterwards my heart was beating very fast and in that moment the car with plate number 666 drove past me. In that few seconds I thought, I am doing a new step in life, I am stepping on the way of success and I sometimes still have doubts to be present in this life. I remembered I said yesterday, you are in this moment and you cannot be in next one. I felt it like a wake up call (I know how it looks like, because I had an accident in the past and it was severe), so wake up call it is!

Today was my seconds day of bio-resonance testing and the son of owners helped me. I also received my own device and a stock of products. I am eager to get this energy going – success? Why not!!! YES To Success!!! I also sold three products this time. I am happy for that and tired and ready to go to bed.

Just wanting to say, Love your life. I was on a crossroad and experienced Wake Up Call, and so can you. Why wait for something terrible to happen when it can happen in loving, peaceful and creative energy. Love Life – Live Life! It’s Now or Never!

Today I was dreaming unpleasant dreams about my ex-wife and I am 99% sure she was driving behind me after my first testing. Hm, everything is so connected. I wish to remember next time when I am dreaming to shift my dreams in some nicer direction. I know it can be done, because I’ve made it some time ago by practicing Lucid Dreaming!

Manifest Nice and Great! You Can do it – it’s in the Power of Your Thoughts!

Thank you for Organic Growth of the Blog and Good night!


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