Day 169 (196 left) Law Of Attraction

Preparations in progress. Now it’s for real. Tomorrow I’ll be doing my first bio-resonance testings with unknown customers and I have a mess with all products in my anteroom, since I do not know how to take everything with me. OK, Contrast (expansion)!!! I would need a tracking trolley following me with all the products. Hm, good idea. Well, since I do not have one yet, I’ll do it old fashion way – carry most of them and pull some of them in my travel bag on wheels. Funny, well, hm, not 🙂 My positive affirmation because next time it Will be much easier: ‘It is so easy to do this business, stores are full of my products and I come there very light, ha ha, and I do my Magic, Customers are very Satisfied and me too. All is well, I am safe and Life loves me. I love my life’.

Thank you for all Blog readers and for Organic growth! I am grateful for energy manifesting fast!

Some manifestations: many synchronicity numbers, luxury cars, birds singing, sun, warm sky and beautiful trees.

I’m off to bed. Good night and manifest nice things!


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