Day 170 (195 left) Law Of Attraction

Satisfaction! Today’s day was a success in terms of business and a huge contrast in relationship. I did excellent, sold 36 products. I am proud and happy because I know my freedom is on my doorsteps. I am tired but I know everything is alright.

Where there is a Will, there is a way, where there is a way there is a success, where there is a success there is Vortex (Law of attraction in its abundance). Dare to dream and dare to make changes, new steps … new Life. It’s worth it!!!

The art is to let go of the old and let new in. It’s exciting and I am eager for more. I also have to say that my new laptop did a great job! Battery did it’s best, it was turned on for almost 9 hours and still has more than an hour of battery left! Fireworks just went off. If that’s not a Synchronicity and celebration of success!

I also had a talk with the boss from the store I did bio-resonance today about the Law of Attraction since we were at one of the Abraham Hicks cruises together 🙂

Good night and dream BIG!


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