Day 171 (194 left) Law Of Attraction

Tha day started great, with the song Alexander Klaws – Take Me Tonight. The lyrics:

Anything is possible
Time’s on my side
The world is beautiful
I’ll take my chance
My dreams are coming true

It was just what I was feeling. I sold even more today without even being present at the store. I know things are changing for me, huge changes!!! And I am happy for that, I am grateful, very grateful. It’s a new wind in my life and new freedom I have never experienced before!!! Viva la Freedom and Life!

One exciting thing happened, that was a walk in the park before the storm. The sky was dark grey and I could see a huge cloudy formation approaching full of winds and rain, we just escaped for a few seconds before it really started pouring!

The other half of the day was in huge contrast in relation to relationship. I guess I am dragging a lot of resistance and I am on the way to let everything behind, to spread the wings and Fly. I discovered it’s too tiring for me to persist in something when I am not feeling OK with it, so the easiest path of least resistance (being in the Vortex by the Law of Attraction vocabulary) for me is to back off, move, go away. I feel I am longing after my own place, peace and abundance. And here are some nice affirmations to back everything up: ‘I am safe in the Universe, I love my life, I have lots of fun in my life, I do what I like, when I like, with whom I like. Everything is so easy for me, people arround me are nice, positive and connected.’ While writing this, I just had a glimpse of my realisation  – manifestation I am currently living, and that is in relation to my new business. I remembered I had a wish to work with people I love and who love me back, where I do what I love and love what I do, where I earn good money, I work at nice location and everything fulfills all my needs – That is exactly what I have just received!!! Isn’t that Magic! Just dare to Dream and repeat the Dream in Your Mind, you can also help yourself with writing your ‘New’ story, the one you want it to be (not the current reality if you are not satisfied with it because it Will not get you anywhere except where you are at the right moment in time).

‘Anything is possible
Time’s on my side
The world is beautiful
I’ll take my chance
My dreams are coming true’

🙂 Good night! And don’t forget to Dream Big!

And not to forget, to thank all Blog readers and followers, thank you for Organic Growth of the Blog!



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