Day 172 (193 left) Law Of Attraction

I am not willing to compromise on things that are most important for me. I feel the sieve is getting dense and only good things can come through, for all the rest I give up, I Give it Up to the Universe.

Today I had a nice time in the Office, I did many things and was listening to music (Smooth Radio Sydney), inspiring. It’s interesting how I was feeling nostalgia about Australia, it’s like calling me back. I know I’ll return some day and I am sure I’ll enjoy to the fullest! Can’t wait!

I took time and went into the forest with the partner. I really feel peace, tranquility, harmony there. I saw a squirrel and then a deer. I’ve seen both for the first time at this location. It was a walk ‘in The Flow’. Just everything was beautiful, wind was pleasant, air was warm, everything was fresh and green since it was raining in the morning. I touched moss, it’s so pretty. Then I hold for a while to a tree, it’s energy was overwhelming, calming and energizing. I just love it! I love nature!

It’s really the moment that counts. I am constantly focusing on how to feel better. There is contrast and I know more good will come out of it each time. I know I am free as a bird and that there really are NO LIMITS to what I can achieve. I know it’s all in my mind and I know it’s all about moving with a good feeling current. It’s about releasing everything that obstructs me, just falls apart somehow. I feel that we overgrow some things, relationships and we want more which is absolutely great! More growth and contrast – more expansion. The Universe is so abundant and is just waiting for us to get in alignment, then everything follows. Picture folds so perfectly out of little pieces (our ingredients we have put in The Vortex) and it makes more sence each time. It’s the path that is more important and how we feel on this path. Are we satisfied? Are we living to the fullest? Are we really who we are, who we were supposed to be, pure Universal love living pure and full life? Having Everything, really everything we desired, tried everything we wanted? Or are we living smaller version of us? Not taking chances, feeling fear of doing new things, feeling fear to let go relationship, feeling robbed of life, feeling deprived, felling we do not belong… Well, the Universe has only one creative force and that is Love! If we are not in its flow we are no where. It’s also interesting how love has no conditions, it just is. It just is free for everyone to take, to feel loved inside by just existing. Feel that love inside you for a moment! Stop, and breathe deep, feel the wind in your hair and sun on the skin. When you stop Life is Magnificent. So stop for a moment, meditate, observe, be positive, exercise, go in the forest, eat healthy foods, do what you like, just listen! Listen to your body, your emotions. There is no existence of inequality, it’s only equality, we are ALL the same created by the same force! It’s not important if you are a male, female, a child, which culture you are, which language you speak, how much money you have, if you are healthy,…nothing really matters in terms of equality. We really, so really are the same. We all have magnificent abilities since we all come from magnificent source! Remember, hating others is like hating yourself and also the force who created you. So, what good can come out of that? Nothing! Hate gives birth to more hate and love gives birth to more love.

I wish You Pure Universal Love and light in your life. Everything is possible if you really believe and let go! Just dream Big and Life will start showing you signs, then, after a while your life will turn upside down in a positive way. Think positive and life will be positive, people around you will be positive. POSITIVE, ok? 🙂

I am grateful I can write this Blog, it’s a positive channel for me and it’s been 172nd day I’ve been doing it. I am proud of the persistence I have in me.

Be Great and Love Yourself! Just then you Will also be able to love others!

Good night!


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