Day 174 (191 left) Law Of Attraction

Picking blueberries for raw cake. It was such a nice day, in the nature, how Earth gives food to all of us. If we have Will, we can just go out and pick fruits without even planting them.

Contrast? Yes, it was, hm, relationship based and fear based (existential while picking blueberries). I took time and meditate on Abraham Hicks relationship meditation. That was my path of least resistance.

We also went out with friends who came from the sea-side and we’ll meet again tomorrow. We also went to see a concert. They are already interested in bio-resonance products which is great! Well, all things are coming to one point. That is ConnectionUniverseSuccess

One of manifestations was also, I have met my friend in the City centre.

The key is to do what you love and love what you do. Then all other details Will follow.

Thank you for Organic Growth Of The Blog and Dream Big!


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