Day 175 (190 left) Law Of Attraction

I had a wish to be alone and spend some time alone. I saw many synchronicity numbers. This is what happened today. I went picking horsetail, saw two swans with two baby swans still all grey, so beautiful! It was such a nice sunny day and there was water lilies in the pond. I did pick a whole bag of horsetail.

But in the morning there was contrast, I felt tension and it was regarding relationship. Then we talked it over and the tension went away. Affirmation for law of attraction: ‘Release and let go!’

Friends from yesterday came to get desired products and I did bio-resonance testing for both of them. I also sold two products. ‘Gates are wide open. The Universe is bringing me abundance, balance and tranquility! I am happy for that! Thank you Universe!’ I know it’s all in our head. I have to point out I was practicing story writing for my better life for around 90 days and now the fruits of my work are seen. It is worth it!

Every second you spend affirming your beautiful life counts, as every second of bad energy, not being in the Vortex makes our lived miserable.

Do what you can to make your mind ‘right’, I mean on the ‘right path, positive thinking, imagining you already have what you wish (if you wish to be with specific person do not do it, because only general focusing Will do you good. With that I mean, imagine how you enjoy the relationship, how you love a person with whom you are and he/she loves you back etc., and when you do it in that way you Will produce less resistance as if you focus on specific person).

In the evening I took time to watch one of bio-resonance video and now off to bed.

Thank you all Blog readers and followers for Organic Growth of the Blog.

I wish you Great manifestations!


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