Day 176 (189 left) Law Of Attraction

I’ve got my period and was not quite in the mood for anything. It’s interesting how the rhythm of my body is all the time the same, in synchronicity with the Moon. But I did send some orders for tomorrow and worked in the morning. I also had the evening for myself and was eager to set my computer in the ‘right’ motion. Now chilling and preparing to watch the rest of this weekends’ movie.

While I was on a short walk I saw such magnificent grey clouds, storm was coming and only few drops caught me, but otherwise nothing serious. I love how weather represents itself, it truly is breathtaking, just observing and smelling all nice fragrances the wind brings.

When I am so easy I see so many signs from the Universe, synchronicity numbers are just popping out everywhere 🙂

Manifest nice and Easy life because you Deserve it!

Good night!


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