Day 177 (188 left) Law Of Attraction

Contrast because of beans. Sounds funny. I went on too long nice walk with girlfriend and forgot to cook beans, now is almost 10 pm and they have already been soaked for more than 20 hours and usually they cook for couple of hours. Well, I guess I’ll half cook them.

Well, now I just read all sort of advises on what to do with beans…and now I found the coolest. To soak first (which I did) and then cook for 5 – 15 minutes on very high gas, turn of the gas and then leave for 2 hours in hot water without cooking. I’ll try this version.

Now, today’s day. I have received products I’ve ordered and ampoules for bio-resonance. Tomorrow the action will follow. I also talked with boss’ mother about testings and she explained some new things for which I’m sure I’ll use them.

I’m of to bed now and before that Tibetan exercises.

Thank you for organic Growth of the Blog!

Manifest nice life.



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