Day 178 (187 left) Law Of Attraction

Feeling I couldn’t care less is my indicator of letting go some people, situations and things. I feel that state now, it’s good in a way, since I did let something huge go. This means I’ll let something nicer in. Making room for new stuff.

I did one more step towards my desired freedom today. I told my boss I’m going to work only three days per week for 6 hours instead every day for 4, which is what I told her at the beginning of my work for her. This Will give me the Freedom to Extend my bio-resonance business. So, tomorrow is my first day off and Let the Magic begin! I feel the energy in my gut, it’s Creative and waiting to Explode. It’s so nice to listen to my body since I know what it wants and how it feels, and what’s best, is to give the body what the body needs and wants. In terms of the Law of Attraction, to get in the Vortex Faster, or even better, to Stay in the Vortex.

Thank you all Blog readers and followers! For Organic Growth of the Blog!

I wish you Great Deliberate Creation, because You have all the Power, your brain-mind is the creator of your reality. Think positive and your Life Will get Positive, think Negative and Your Life Will be Negative. It’s that simple. The only trick is to be consistent in it, believe even though you cannot see the fruits of your creation. Remember, when you plant seeds you do not expect to see crops, flowers or trees next day. It takes time, it needs water, nourishment and light. So does your ‘Dream’, give it plenty of Time, Nourishment and Light (positive)!

I very much enjoy walks in the Nature, today I did a shorter one and saw so many beautiful clouds, birds singing and smell of wind-grass-trees. I also went to buy fish for picnic but because it looked like it was gonna rain we had a picnic on the balcony. I also met with ex-coworker and we had a nice chat in the Park.

Manifest Big, Manifest your ‘Dream’!

Good night!


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