Day 179 (186 left) Law Of Attraction

In the morning I had time to wash my hair, do Thibetan exercises, meditated (on the track of Abraham Hicks), prepare proper breakfast and then for doing business. I was calling bio resonance businesses and had a meeting with one doctor who is Bicom certified. It was interesting, while reading the description about her on the web I felt so good, I felt uplifted, after a call she said she has just 10 minutes, and guess what. Hm, I went to the wrong address (navigation), I don’t know how this happened, well, I know how it happened but nevertheless she was prepared to listen, with many interruptions going to patients and setting her bicom machine. Well, the description of her on the web was a bit different from the reality, she looked under huge stress, overloaded.

Then I talked with other bio-resonance business and they gave me negative reply (I experienced huge contrast). And guess what; I saw this: ‘Don’t crack under pressure’, and a beautiful huge car (jeep) of my favourite brand. And yes, that is the game of numbers (pressure). But why pressure, it’s not necessary that I take it as pressure. I’ll just take it from now on as a nice flow, getting me where I desire to be. And I am happy with where I am now, grateful. Thank you Universe for such a nice day and thank you for peaceful evening.

Affirmation: ‘Everything is as it was supposed to be, all roads are leading me towards desired goal, all is well and people who I work with are very nice, connected and open minded.’

I took the bike and went cycling along the river, then started reading great book about Intestines.

Now off to bed.

Good night and manifest Great Life, it’s yours!


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