Day 180 (185 left) Law Of Attraction

The law of attraction in its form. I just found out the attractions in words: ‘I always sleep bad when I stay in suites and hotels. That’s what I have been experiencing for couple of last holidays. Ok, this is not what I think, but the energy is surrounding me. So, situations like that happen. My affirmation: ‘Every time I go somewhere I have a nice time, I sleep well, I meet nice people, all nice and positive is happening to me and my closest ones.

Again another one regarding the law of attraction. On Wednesday my boss was robbed while working in the Office. Today we were talking about that and she told me she was thinking on Tuesday how she wanted to buy a new wallet. Now, because the bank insurance covered the damage of the theft she has received reimbursement for buying a new wallet. Hm, it’s interesting, watch out what you think! As I remember she was also saying that I should be very careful because someone can steal something… well, direct manifestations! My affirmations: ‘All is  well. I am safe, I am safe in the whole Universe. I feel great and only good comes to me every day, each second of my life, always only good comes out of everything.’

Today we went to see the street show in the city centre and to meet with friends. Before that we went to shop and bought many delicious foods. Yummy! So, now I’m eating cashew nuts and enjoying pretty much 🙂

Off to bed now. Sleep tight! And manifest beautiful life!


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