Day 183 (182 left) Law Of Attraction

I have just crossed The half of my Blogging time, still 182 days left. Congrats for persistence!

I have found out that I am really good seller! But I can sell only products for which I am sure they are good and I have to believe in them. Of course they also have to be in benefit of humankind, and they are. So my mission is complete. I’ll be millionaire. He he, not joking. perhaps sounds funny but I have a great plan and all supportive energy. I know the Universe and my persistent affirming of my Beautiful future have fingers in this ‘pie’ and I am happy for it. The doors are opening and I’ll soon climb out of my debt, I also got a new location for my bio-resonance testing, I guess my boss sees my creative energy in motion.

Even though I felt the contrast in today’s shop I also felt peace and harmony in my body. I also had time to visit beautiful place by the lake and castle, I’ve seen ducks, listened to piano, violin and enjoyed a lot!

What can I say, I just wish you to Manifest what you Really want, for real!

Good night and Manifest Big, Great Life!

Thank you for Organic growth of the Blog!



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