Day 184 (181 left) Law Of Attraction

Today a great example of The Law of Attraction happened. You know, it Works all the time, it just picks the most powerful signal and rolls the dice. Well, this time the signal was negative. When there is something you really do not like to happen and you give your undivided attention to it saying, I don’t want that this takes half an hour… (just today’s example), it definitely Will Take Half an Hour, because the undivided attention was focused there. And guess what, I had to change three petrol stations to find a working air compressor to fill/adjust tire pressure. So here a contrast happened, asking for things to happen without delays, but because the energy was focused in the delay, the delay happened. Can’t help it. Watch what you’re thinking! It’s your thoughts that create your reality!

As I am writing the Blog, sitting on the balcony in a comfortable deckchair, the Nature is preparing for a storm. It’s so mystical, I can see lightning only behind the clouds and it really looks it’s going to be a powerful storm. In the past I was scared of lightning, therefore I decided to make the end to ‘scare thing’. I started doing EFT on purpose and it worked. Wow, just heard a huge thunder, now only seconds count, wind …going inside. Nature has its course.

I wish you nice manifestations!

Going to bed earlier, that’s today’s plan. Night!



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