Day 186 (179 left) Law Of Attraction

Being late or being just in time? These are two different aspects looking from two completely different angles. First one is in lacking, in negative mind set, the second one is in being, allowing and understanding things happen at the right moment at the right space. Where is your mind focused?

I had an easy day in the Office, alone. Great! And at the end of work I still had a lot of energy (not like the day before).

Today everything was more easy, and also bed time is coming closer. More rest and more relaxing for my body and soul. It’s the last day of cleansing diet and I feel nice and happy it’s going to be over.

Tomorrow is my day off, time to work on my bio-resonance business. I like how things are evolving and I know my position in one year time Will be completely different than it is now because I am affirming different, nicer life. I see it, feel it and smell it. It’s your thoughts that create your reality, think nice thoughts and you’ll have nice reality.

We bought organic ice cream and had intention to go for a walk in the forest, instead we ended eating ice cream in the car on a petrol station. Funny! And went home to go to bed earlier. We’re thinking to buy an ice cream maker machine 🙂

Thank you all Blog readers and followers for supporting this site. You have all the Power to change your life! Manifest Big and Great!



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