Day 187 (178 left) Law Of Attraction

Many plans, but today was energy just for some. I was making first steps in setting appointments. It was harder than I thought. But then I stopped and as I remember, each time I wanted to do something, the doors opened only where I could get maximum benefit from the situation. I believe now Will be the same. Patience and Relax!

Off to bed, tomorrow Will be half shopping and half working day.

Manifest nice things!

And some affirmations to back up positive thinking:

‘Everything in my life is simple and Easy. I am happy with what I do and I earn good money. I have lots of free time and am eager to have and experience beautiful events, things, people. I know only good comes to me and I know I am safe in the Universe. I love my life, I love my body and I love people I am with and they love me. I am creative and full of positive energy. My thoughts create very nice life (present + future). I know I am master of my reality and I enjoy every step of the way. I sleep excellent and wake up fresh. Life supports me and I am happy I am here.’


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