Day 188 (177 left) Law Of Attraction

Funny thing happened. Yesterday me and my girlfriend were talking about manifesting her parents being sleepy and sleeping (being quiet) in the car while we drive to/from shopping. Well, it did manifest. It happened like that: we finished shopping and went into the car. My girlfriend was driving and I was siting besides her. Then suddenly I felt tremendous sleepiness, my eyes were shutting (closing), I said how sleepy I was. Then my girlfriend said that I can sleep if I want. I knew I could sleep but I did stop (in my thinking) and recognised I was not sleepy a few minutes ago (now I could hardly watch), then I looked behind my seat in the rear mirror and saw her mum sleeping. Then I knew that I felt her sleepiness and after a few moments her dad also started sleeping. That was it! It was manifestation in live! 

All along the way we saw many synchronicity numbers, mainly we were in the Vortex in terms of The Law Of Attraction. That is why everything nice was happening. Nevertheless I felt my head and body way full of feeling air-conditioned, haste and other people’s’ energy. I also did bio-resonance testing, sold products and went picking yarrow from beautiful pasture. Overall was a nice day but too tiring. Thank you Universe!

Thank you all Blog Followers and Readers. You create your reality! Manifest it nice, it’s Now that Counts!


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