Day 189 (176 left) Law Of Attraction

Evening came very fast and it’s time to go to bed. Main today’s goal was doing pretty much nothing and it turned out to be pretty much everything, most of it creating in the kitchen. We did ice cream for the first time with new ice cream maker. It was mango flavour, very good! I did also some reading, Thibetan exercises and went for a short evening walk for cardiovascular system in the forest and saw a beautiful deer. I again felt Australia, seeing pictures in my mind from my past experience, nature, feelings – very nice! It’s so interesting how worlds cross. I have a wish/dream and am doing everything in the direction of manifesting it, to live in gorgeous modern house/villa near turquoise sea with swimming pool which has salty water (no chloride of course since it is very poisonous for our bodies!). So, today I had a dream about some hotel, how it was designed and furnished and woke up with the feeling of having something like that but much nicer, more modern and trendy! And then I came up with the house (gallery) of my grandfather which still needs to be renovated (better said finished). He’s very old and I feel like his time on Earth is coming to an end, we’ll see what Will happen.

Doors are open!

Thank you all Blog Readers and Followers!

I wish you to live Your Dream and Manifest Big, You (Your Mind) have the Potential and the Power to do It!


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