Day 190 (175 left) Law Of Attraction

Day started wonderful, was alone in the Office, did a lot, went to optometrists for bio-resonance business, then went back to the car and could not turn on. Well, the car battery was flat and I was parked at the half an hour free zone. After that everything went down, I picked up girlfriend, we drove the car to mechanics to get new battery and after or better say in between and after a lot of contrast happened. One moment happy and feeling great. The other moment feeling like I don’t wish to live anymore. Ups and downs, sometimes smaller, sometimes bigger. I’ll just start doing on manifesting and affirming, if it Will happen, to be smaller. Now all tired and ready for sleep.

Hm, what can I say, after 190 days still something like this happens. The law of attraction is present all the time, only my mind sometimes wanders…Now is back and ready to affirm beautiful life.

One interesting thing we noticed was, in one month time we bought or replaced many electric/non electric devices (laptop, car air-condition, ice-cream maker, grill, car battery, oven, bio-resonance device)…it’s possible I forgot something. Many things, which makes me wonder about the constellation of planets.

Well: ‘All is well, I am safe, I love my life and life loves me. Everything is so easy for me. Nice people come easy. Good money comes easy. I sleep well. I work with nice people. Doors are open for me everywhere I go. I am sucessfull and happy. I am relaxed and healthy. My body is healthy, my mind is healthy and my soul is satisfied. I enjoy my life and am eager for more beautiful things the Universe will bring me. Life is just magnificent!’

Thank you all Blog Readers and Followers! I wish you wonderful manifestations! What are your magic affirmation words :)?


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