Day 191 (174 left) Law Of Attraction

Being grateful! That was todays’ lesson!

It’s so important to cherish and be grateful for every positive little thing we have. It’s so important not to judge and blame others. Today I really sold less, but I got the lesson. I am grateful for 4 products I have sold. From yesterdays’ emotional break down ‘against’ this world to being grateful I am here, experiencing it. Each sale is a success, it does not matter how much I’ve sold but what kind of energy I am radiating after each sale. Do I think, oh, I just sold 4 products (thinking I do not have enough), or I think, Wow! I sold 4 products (thinking each sale IS A Success! Every customer counts. The relationship I am creating counts, and my relationship is very good!). It’s so important how we think, our thoughts create our reality. Make positive affirmations and you Will experience positive. The law of attraction is very straight forward!

I had the opportunity to go for a walk at one of most touristic sights, along the lake. I saw many people enjoying life, dogs jumping in the water after their owners who were swimming and it looked just a lot of fun!

I wish you great manifestations! Keep in mind, every negative Word, every judging and condemning has consequences. Keep calm and keep dreaming Big!


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