Day 193 (172 left) Law Of Attraction

After nice long day again contrast. I noticed when I am relaxed and drink a lot of water my face skin looks better, I’ll work more on being relaxed and hydrated. Some affirmations: ‘I am relaxed, my body has all important nutrients, I sleep well, work in nice environment with nice people who only wish me well, they support me and contribute to my success. I am safe in the Universe.’

I did take time to go to optician, had a short meeting and was speechless and left smiling inside. I also took time to Educate, I watched a reply of video about Eyes and how to support them, which nutrients to take and so on. Very useful. I also took time to exercise, I went Cycling to the river and Meditated. It was nice and short, surrounded with Nature and I’ve seen Horses. Nice!

Now time for bed, postponing contrast. Well, I guess I am radiating it too much. Some nice affirmations: ‘I am letting go all contrast, anger and hate. I let love inhibit every cell of my body. I respect me and others, my view and other’s view. I know only good comes out of every situation.’

Manifest nice Life, you Deserve it!


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