Day 194 (171 left) Law Of Attraction

A lot of effort for irrational time planning. That kind of contrast happened today. Let me redirect it to some positive affirmations. Otherwise this means a lot of expansion after something new and better.

‘I am willing to accept easier life, I am open and receptive. Only nice and beautiful comes into my life and I accept it with great pleasure. I know the Universe loves me, I love myself and others. I am eager for more easy, nice and beautiful to come into my Life.’

Today’s working hours were extended and I also did one bio-resonance testing and sold a product. I am grateful.

I remember from todays’ meditation (Abraham Hicks financial meditation), to sum up, look for things you have and like and be grateful, and more such things Will come into your Life. I am working on it 🙂 What about you?

Thank you Blog reader and Follower. Manifest your Dream life, you deserve it!


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