Day 196 (169 left) Law Of Attraction

Cat living by the law of attraction. Let me give you an example, it Works like this. Everything I do not want the cat does. Sounds familiar? She ‘obeys’ the Law of attraction. SO, I decided to make or do things in a way that cause the least resistance. That is, to buy snappy trainer or something like that and SSSCAT (motion-activated device). We’ll see how the attention of doing silly things Will go away 🙂 I was also thinking yesterday about sending the cat on holidays for some time and the law of attraction gave me the answer today. It’s so fast!

Today was picnic time with friends – four gay couples, it was nice and relaxing and educative.

Some contrast afterwards. Regarding health, I noticed I am subconsciously not relaxed and constipated a whole weekend. Everything is connected to everything – my nerve system with constipation, because the reason is subconscious stress. Some nice affirmations: ‘I am relaxed, I can easily go to the toilet and my body is feeling great. I am in nice relaxed environment and stress free. I have my private time and my body is treated with good healthy oxygen. I can easily breathe deep. I am well.’

Sleep well and Manifest beautiful things!


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