Day 197 (168 left) Law Of Attraction

Fed up and feeling tired (more expansion in terms of the Law of attraction) after working in the morning, making calls for appointments (I have one next Tuesday at 9pm), going to pick up my girlfriend after work, going to the post Office (received my new business cards), cooking 3 meals for today and tomorrow. Another contrast happened today, I came to work, computer offered me Microsoft update and I clicked yes. Well, then after the update it stopped working and the screen was black. I could see only mouse’s cursor. I called computer expert and he tried to fix it but unsuccessfully. I’ll get it back on Wednesday, in the mean time I’ll work on bio-resonance business.

I am in a contrast mode, and I know I need some Positive Affirmations. I’ll Meditate today on Abraham Hicks meditation and do Tibetan exercise. That Will do!

I wish you Conscious Creation of your Beautiful Life!


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