Day 200 (165 left) Law Of Attraction

Morning was coloured with synchronicity numbers 777 (I am consciously focusing on the positive events, side of life). Thank you Universe! I am on my way, more often being in the Vortex (term of the Law of attraction). I am happy I did a new big step two days ago which causes much less stress. I know all is well and abundance is in my range. I am healthy and my face skin is getting better each day. I am grateful to have such wide spectrum of perception.

Thank You Blog Reader and Follower. You know, there is a mix of contrast, allowing, being in the Vortex and letting go (and I believe even much more) on this World, it’s the are of riding the wave, choosing picks and enjoying each second. After all, we are all from the same source – Unconditional Love. Therefore be love, accept love and radiate love. You deserve it. And remember, where there is Love there are no conditions. True love doesn’t imprison anyone, it just let you to be free, it accepts each and every decision you make and is grateful for every ‘little’ thing that makes a ‘big’ change in the world – butterfly effect.

Dream Big and sleep well!


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