Day 202 (163 left) Law Of Attraction

It was a day of synchronicity, number synchronicity. We again went to the sea side and saw so many nice numbers, messages from the Universe as 5555, 9999…

Plan was to go to bed earlier, but it was simply not possible, because we had so many things to do. We even bought a couple of kilos of wild blueberries, went to short birthday party and prepared tomorrow’s lunch. Still at ‘girlfriend’s parents place.

During laying on the deck chair almost sleeping I felt noise, it was the noise from the crowd, from families and their children playing, screaming and shouting. I simply couldn’t relax, my body was experiencing stress, so we had to move deck chairs to a different location. Why wait and do nothing if we were able to change the situation for better and we did.

Manifest nice and beautiful things!


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