Day 203 (162 left) Law Of Attraction

I’ve seen synchronicity sign, car plate Hicks – sounds familiar? The law of attraction Works all the time. I had opportunity to experience a weekend at the seaside, with the comfort of sleeping close.

Wanting what I want gives me the opportunity to visualise what I want, to see make it happen and of course feel it done. I was looking for villas and properties for sale close to the sea. Everything is reachable if we just believe and let the Universe, with our receiving, make it happen. That means that we do not just look in the sky and hope it Will happen! Usually it happens in a way we feel very strong desire of doing something, for example business,… When you feel it, follow it! And it will bring you to desired goal. Sometimes it Will not be possible in a way You think, but it Will be made in a way is best for you. So, when you run into closed doors just let it go and just believe other doors Will open, they always do!

Thank you Blog Readers and Followers!

I wish you wonderful manifestations!


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